How to measure Wood Cornices & Valances

Cornices and Valances

Wood Cornices and Valances are optional with your custom order or as a stand-alone order.

NOTE: Cornices and Valances with returns are measured and cut from the INSIDE of the miter to ensure the most accurate fit when installed over the headrail or window frame.

Inside Mount:

  • Cornices and Valances are supplied without returns and look best when the blinds and Valance or Cornice can be completely recessed
  • Ends of the Valance and Cornice are straight-cut
  • Cornices do NOT have a dust cover and returns are NOT available

Outside Mount

  • Cornices and Valances are supplied with returns sized to cover the end of the blinds back to the mounting surface
  • Custom returns may be ordered up to 8" (20.4 cm)
  • Minimum valance return length is ½" (1.3 cm)
  • Cornices include a dust cover to conceal the top of the blind

Additional ordering information:

  • Please state at the time of order if the valance or cornice return measurements are for the EXACT size required so that no additions or deductions are made
  • Cornices and valances will be shipped separately from blind
  • Manufacturer recommends installing blind and valance/cornice at the same time

NOTE: Valances and cornices with returns are measured and cut from the INSIDE of the miter to ensure the most accurate fit when installed over the headrail or window frame. For different return lengths on the same valance,record LEFT inside measurement first. Single side returns are available; opposite end will be straight cut.

How to measure for valance returns

Window depths vary considerably depending on the age and style of the window. Always measure the window depth,regardless of the type of window treatment the client is considering. Knowing the depth when the order is placed can help prevent costly errors.

Use the information in your Graber Pricing and Information Guide for Wood, Composite & Faux Wood to calculate the needed return length (chart above).

To calculate the return length, use this formula:

(Standard Return Length) minus (Client Window Depth) = Special Return Length to order for Inside Mount Blind

Remember: The smallest return width is ½" (1.3 cm).

The length of a return and the width of a valance are measured on the inside (back side–A) of the valance, not the outside (face–B) of the valance (see diagram at right).

How to measure special splice location

A keystone is supplied for valance widths that require a splice. Keystones will be equally spaced unless a special splice location is requested at time of order. The placement of the splice will be calculated by the factory using an INSIDE measurement from the mitered corner to the location specified on the order.

Each splice location should be recorded starting from the LEFT BACKSIDE corner.

Example: Overall valance width = 80" (203.2 cm) backside measurement
First splice from left = 30" (76.2 cm) backside measurement
Second splice from left = 50" (127.0 cm) backside measurement

NOTE: All measurements need to be from backside.

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