How to measure Crown Drapery

Measure carefully using a steel tape measure to assure accuracy.

Drapery Panels


They are sold in 7 pre-set widths and are made to length to the 1/2” up to 200”L.

( Note: Pleated Panels and Rod Pockets are also available in precise widths.)


Measure:The width of the window area you would like to cover.

  • Take time to plan your installation and get the measurements correct.
  • We recommend adding an additional 4”-6” to each side from the edge of the window glass.This allows the drapery panels, when pulled to their sides, to clear the window allowing more natural light in. It also prevents light gaps at edge of window.
  • Consider the basic or decorative hardware you will be using to hang the panels from.
  • Finials add another 6-8” (3”- 4” for each finial on both ends of the pole) to the total space of window/wall area you’ll need.
  • Consult our SIZING SOLUTIONS charts for selecting the correct pre-set panel width and number of panels to order.
  • Our recommendations allow for fullness that is already built into the panels.


  • Finished panel length is measured from the top of the drapery panel to the bottom for pinch pleats,or tabs.
  • For rod pocket panels, the finished panel length is measured from top of rod pocket to the bottom and does not include the header.
  • For grommet panels, the finished panel length is measured from top inside of the grommet to bottom of the panel.
  • The finished panel length you provide to the 1/2” will be the exact measurement the drapery panel will be made to.
  • Special consideration should be given to the additional length gained by hanging the panels from decorative poles & rings.

  • It is recommended to mount the pole approximately 4” above the window frame.
  • If the panel is being mounted directly onto a pole through the rod pocket, grommets or tabs, no additional length is added.
  • When using rings to attach drapery panel (usually Rod Pockets & Pleated Panels) with rod, please note:


  • Eyelet + clip adds 3” of length (so deduct 3” from the panel length)
  • Eyelet only adds 2” of length (so deduct 2” from the panel length)

Sheer Under Treatment Lengths:

  • It is recommended to order sheers with NO HEADER when they are being used as an under treatment.It is recommended to order sheers slightly shorter in length than the Drapery Panels they will be mounted under.
  • So the sheer under treatment is not visible behind the top & bottom edge of the outer drapery panels,mount sheer drapery hardware 1” lower than the decorative hardware used for the outer panels.
  • When hanging, the sheer should be 1/2” shorter than the outer panel.

Drapery Panel Length Advice:

  • You can specify any length desired to the 1/2”
  • Floor Length panels should be 1/2” above the floor for easy operation.
  • Puddle Length panels should have another 6”-10” of length to pool the fabric on the floor.

This length is not recommend for high traffic areas or drapery that needs to be opened and closed often.

Pole Mounted Valances

  • Pole Mounted Valances are sold as pre-set sizes in single units.
  • Each style has a unique shape & size.
  • Refer to each of the specific styles (p.67-71) to determine the number of valances needed.
  • As with the Drapery Panels, consideration must be given to the hardware the valances will be hung from.

Board Mounted Valances & Upholstered Cornice Boards

These styles have different drop lengths available.(Refer to p.72-76)

For Upholstered Cornice Boards:

Add a minimum of 2” to the trim to trim/ window edge to window edge measurement to compensate for the width of the wood sideboards + the fiberfill batting.


For a tight to window frame fit: If window width is 100” wide add 2”. 102” wide outside will be 100” inside the cornice box.

For Board Mounted Valances:

  • NO extra inches needed.
  • The top wood board used equals the exact width specified. NO wood side boards are used in these styles, fabric hangs off the edge of the top board.
  • Then consider adding an additional 1” - 6” to each side for either Board Mounted Valances or Upholstered Cornice Boards over OUTSIDE mounted UNDER TREATMENTS like drapery panels (including the drapery hardware width) or blinds/shades.
  • Take that measurement as your total width and then follow the instructions above.


  • 4” for mounting over blinds and shades
  • 7” for mounting over drapery treatments.

Decorative Hardware Poles for Mounting Drapery Panels & Valances

  • Measure the window/wall area you want to cover with drapery panels/pole mounted valances.
  • We recommend mounting hardware 4” above and 4”-6” beyond each side of the window frame, if space allows.


Clip rings will add 2”- 4” of length to your panels. Refer back to Drapery Panels: Length section for more details.

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