What are the available power source options?

The Z-wave virtual cord shades currently have 3 different methods to power them:

  • Single or Dual Battery Case
  • Plugin DC Transformer (plugs into any nearby wall outlet)
  • 12v Multi Motor Power Supply (requires you to do your own wiring)

A brief explanation of each are available below.

Single or Dual Battery Case

A single battery case takes 8 AA batteries while the dual battery case takes 16 AA batteries. A dual battery case is generally only required on larger shades, however, they can be used with smaller shades for an extended battery life. We only recommend using Lithium Ion batteries or rechargeable NiMH or NiZn batteries with a high capacity anc voltage ranging between 1.5v - 1.6v for a long life.

Plugin DC Transformer

The plugin dc transformer essentially looks like a really long mobile charger (please don't plug these into a phone since it will fry their internals). The transformer plugs into a nearby wall outlet and powers the shade as long as your home has power. The transformer comes with a 72" lead cable as well as a 96" extension.

12v Multi Motor Power Supply

The multi motor power supply can power up to 8 cellular or pleated shades and up to 10 roller, solar, roman or natural shades. The power supply requires you to do your own wiring to the windows and is typically installed by the main fuse box of your home; we only recommend this be done using a certified electrician. You can find specifications on the power supply here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B62Iui2hJtitcHhITzRVWEtJb1U/view

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