What are Z-wave/Virtual Cord Smart Blinds & Shades and what can they do?

Z-wave/Virtual Cord Smart Blinds & Shades are motorized shades made by Graber (Springs Window Fashions) using 12v motors manufactured by Somfy. What sets them apart however is that unlike standard motors that use RTS radio frequency to communicate, the Virtual Cord products communicate using a Home Automation Radio Frequency known as Z-wave. Having the direct Z-wave integration lets these blinds & shades connect directly to a Z-wave home automation system without the need for a bridge and be controlled by the system; as well as the included remote and button on the blind or shade.

What this essentially means is, with a purchase of a compatible hub, anyone can connect these shades and have them fully automated and integrated with a home or office. Connecting the shades to a compatible hub will allow you to remotely control the shades as well as set schedules to open or close them; further possibilities are simply limited by your imagination. You can have the shades open or close or go to various levels based on motion in a room, temperature, light level and other factors; compatible sensors are required and must be connected to the Z-wave Home Automation Hub.

To enable automation, smart phone control, or voice control a compatible Z-wave Home Automation Hub is required. Most hubs range between $50 - $150 and can control a range of devices such as lights, garage doors, door locks, thermostats, tv's and audio systems, irrigation systems etc. We suggest one of the following hubs:

Our recommendation from the hubs listed above is Samsung's SmartThings for its general ease of use and capabilities. For voice control, SmartThings as well as a Google Home or Amazon Echo is required.

What comes in the box

  • Each shade comes with a two button remote to operate the shade
  • Each shade comes with a button on its headrail to operate the shade
  • Inside or Outside mounting brackets
  • Single or Dual Battery case or Plugin DC Transformer (depending on what was ordered)
  • Battery mounting brackets (if battery power source is selected)
  • Installation instructions with pictures
  • Any additional accessories ordered

*Control of blinds & shades using wink haslimitations. The wink hub currently only allows a fully open or fully close command. Please check guide's for each hub for details.

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