Standard vs Smart Motorization: help me decide

At ZebraBlinds we strive to offer the latest and greatest when it comes to window coverings and after multiple requests from customers and lots of searching; we now offer Standard Motorization (available on most Graber Products using Somfy RTS, and on the Zebra Sheer and Crown Sheer Shade using our own motorization system) and Smart Motorization under the Graber Virtual Cord brand which utilises a home automation protocol known as Z-wave.

We have highlighted the pros and cons of each system below and we hope this makes your motorization decision easier.

Standard Motorization: Zebra Sheer Shades and Crown Sheer Shades (does not include Crown Premium)


  • Comes with a space-saving built-in rechargeable battery. The battery does not use any additional space.
  • Can be controlled using an available single channel, six channel and sixteen channel remote.
  • Can run up to six months before requiring a recharge; charging is as simple as plugging in the charging cable.
  • Quiet motors.
  • Allows up to six different preset positions (including the upper and lower limit).
  • Very easy to program or personalize based on your need.
  • Does not currently have a reliable method of automation.
  • Does not currently have the ability to set open/close schedules.
  • Lacks the ability to be controlled using a smartphone; you are limited to the remotes.
Standard Motorization: Somfy RTS (Available with most Graber products)
  • Has multiple power options ranging between, a single or dual battery tube (takes 8AA 1.5v batteries; lithium is recommended), a plugin dc transformer which plugins into any nearby wall outlet, a solar kit and finally a multi-motor power supply which can be used to power 8 - 10 motors using your own wiring.
  • Can be controlled with a single channel, five channel or sixteen channel somfy remote.
  • Different powered motors available ranging between 12v, 24v and 120v.
  • Quiet motors.
  • Fairly easy to program or personalize based on need.
  • Can be scheduled and controlled from your smartphone to a certain extent using an available wifi bridge.
  • Automation bridges can be fairly expensive and are limited in available channels. The MyLink wifi bridge only supports up to five channels (five individual shades or five groups of shades).
  • Automation bridges only offer one-way communication and partial control. In most cases you cannot specify an exact position for the blind or shade to move to; except for open, close and your preset "my" position. The bridge also does not know if the blind or shade was moved using a remote.
  • Pricing is around the same as the Smart Motorization options.
Smart Motorization: Graber Virtual Cord Z-wave Motors (Available with most Graber Shades)
  • Has multiple power options ranging from a single or dual battery case (takes 8AA 1.5v batteries; lithium is recommended), a plugin dc transformer which plugs into a nearby wall outlet, and a multi-motor power supply which can be used to power 8 - 10 motors using your own wiring.
  • Comes with a button on the shade as well as an included remote.
  • Quiet motors.
  • Easy to program and use.
  • Can connect to Z-wave compatible smart home automation systems, allowing smartphone control, voice control, scheduling as well as various other automation. Please note, control features are dependent on the home automation hub, for more details please see:
  • The remote options available with these motors can only control one shade or a group of shades. It cannot control multiple shades with one remote and depends on the home automation hub as well as it's app for individual control in a group setting.
  • Having more than ten shades using batteries as the power source can reduce the operational time between battery changes.
  • Has size restrictions due to only a 12v motor being available.
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