SmartThings Community Device Handlers and SmartApps

The following page lists community device handlers and smartapps for SmartThings with features of each outlined. All linked device handlers and smartapps have been tested by us but they are built by the SmartThings community and maintained by them. WE TAKE NO CREDIT IN CREATING THEM and would like to thank the SmartThings community for their excellent work.

Device Handlers

  1. ST-Z-Wave-Somfy-Remote: Lets you use your z-wave virtual cord remote as/like a 2 button minimote. You can use it to trigger things, routines, CoRE pistons, etc.
  2. ST-Z-Wave-Shade: Shows additional information such as current battery levels and has preset open positions and one customizable preset.


  1. Shady: Group your shades & blinds and control as a single device. This SmartApp will let you group shades into one device for easy group control. Groups can have any number of devices.
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