Adding Multiple Shades to One Remote

This article covers:

1) Programming Multiple Shades
2) Adding Multiple Shades to One Remote

We offer many types of motorization. If you're not sure if you have a Motorized Crown or Zebra Sheer Shade, check if your shade has a built-in rechargeable battery. This feature is unique to these shades.

Adding multiple shades to a single remote is similar to adding and removing a remote normally.
However, when programming presets and limits for each shade, you must do them individually, then pair each shade to the remote.

Programming Multiple Shades

First, pair and program your first shade as normal. After your first shade is programmed, you will need to remove the remote from that shade.

To remove a remote from your shade:

1) Hold the 'stop' button on your remote for 5 seconds. The motor will jog once.

2) Hold the 'program' button on the back of the remote for 1 second. The motor will jog once.

Your remote is now unpaired from your shade. While this process removes the remote, it does not delete the programming memory from the motor, so the motor will retain information about upper and lower limits, as well as preset positions.

Now, add your remote to the second shade.

To add a remote to your shade:

1) Hold the 'program' button on your motor for 1 second. You will see the motor jog (move up and down) once.

2) Press the 'up' button on your remote. The motor will jog once again.

Your remote and shade are now paired. Program the second shade as usual, setting the upper and lower limits and preset positions.

Continue this process for each shade to program them individually.

Adding Multiple Shades to One Remote

Add multiple shades to one remote only after they are programmed. Follow the normal adding procedure described above, and add each shade one at a time.

You can add multiple shades to a single channel to control them at the same time, but not individually.

You can add multiple shades, each to a different channel, to control them individually as you change channels. To do this, change to the channel you want to add the shade to, and then continue as normal.

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