CrystalPleat Graber LF Double Cellular Shades

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One of the best energy efficient window coverings for your windows of your home is CrystalPleat Light Filtering Double Cellular Shades from Graber®. These shades are very efficient in filtering the light that enters your home due to its double cellular structure. This honeycomb structure is a unique offering from Graber® that ensures that your home gets a cozy ambiance and keeps the heat waves away during the summers.

CrystalPleat Graber LF Double Cellular Shades Product Detail

These window coverings are also helpful during the chilling winters of Canada as they ensure that the heat from inside the room does not deviate towards the outside, therefore, the effectiveness of the heaters of your home will be more, thereby, saving on the energy consumption and energy charges of your home. There are a number of color choices and fabric styles available for these shades that can provide you with the handsome opportunity of coordinating the entire décor of your home. The different fabric styles that are available are Translucence, DayDream,