Light Filtering Roller/Solar Shades

Light Filtering Roller/Solar Shades

Light filtering shades give you more control of your privacy, comfort and lighting. These sheer shades allow you to look outside, while simultaneously blocking out some of the light trying to peek in. Depending on the style you choose, 3%, 5% or 25% light filtering shades allow just a little light in or plenty of sunlight. These shades are ideal for picture windows, kitchens and other areas where you want partial covering while still allowing some sunshine. With ZebraBlinds Canada, you can choose from a huge selection of light filtering shades, while enjoying free shipping and a price guarantee.

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Benefits of Light Filtering Shades

Light filtering shades are an ideal solution for any room of the house where you don’t need or don’t want fully opaque draperies and shades. Light filtering shades offer many benefits for your Canada home:

  • -They provide privacy while still allowing you to enjoy an outdoor view.
  • -They enhance the architectural features of your home with natural, filtered light.
  • -They let a soft and flattering light into the home.
  • -They cut the glare on TVs and screens.
  • -They help protect your electronics and appliances from the sun’s glare.
  • -They reduce the warmth caused by radiant heat in the summer.
  • -They block some of the sun’s harmful rays from entering your home and potentially causing sun damage to your skin.
  • -They keep surfaces in the house from becoming too hot from the sun’s rays.
  • -They create a light, breezy look in any room.


Light filtering shades come in many styles with plenty of practical advantages. You can even use these light draperies and shades with other treatments, so you can enjoy more control over the light and privacy in your home. On sunny days, for example, you can open the main curtains while leaving the lighter sheer shades in place, protecting your privacy and keeping the hot sun out. In the evenings and during times you want less light and more privacy, you can pull both the draperies across.

Where Do Light Filtering Shades Work Best? 

Light filtering shades in Canada are typically made from sheer fabrics or loosely woven fabrics that allow some light through. These shades come in a range of styles and levels of sheerness, so you can enjoy the look and the level of privacy you want. They work in almost any room, but they work especially well in:

  • -Living rooms
  • -Dining rooms
  • -Kitchens
  • -Mud rooms
  • -Offices


Whether you want to create ambient lighting or softer lighting for a room in your home, or look outside your window while still maintaining your privacy, sheer light filtering window treatments are the perfect solution.

If you want to enjoy all the benefits of light filtering shades, browse thousands of stylish blinds, shades and draperies for your home at ZebraBlinds. When you’re ready to buy, you can also take advantage of our price guarantee and free shipping in Canada, which make our already amazing prices even more of a deal. Place your order today! 

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