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Light Filtering Window Treatments

Everyone loves to enjoy the natural light coming through their windows while working or relaxing. But what happens when your windows allow in too much light or outsiders can see inside through the open windows? ZebraBlinds offers you light filtering window treatments that can gently diffuse the harsh sunlight while providing moderate privacy and controlling the glare. These window coverings are ideal to use in any living room or dining room where light and privacy are important to you. Light filtering window treatments consist of sheers, some types of linen, and other translucent materials. These types of shades are very versatile and available in a wide range of colors and texture options.

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What are the Best Light Filtering Window Treatments?

Not only do light filtering window treatments filter the excess sunlight, but they also helps to get privacy, insulation, UV protection, and glare control. Now, what are the top 5 window coverings to go for so that you can create a romantic, comfortable, and relaxing oasis for your guests and family members?

  • Cordless Light Filtering Cellular Shades are the most suitable light filtering window coverings which allows natural light to enter your room while offering insulation and privacy. Their honeycomb cell structures are responsible to trap the air inside and provide proper insulation. They are available in different colors and lift options, so choose the right one that will match your needs. These shades are perfect for Edmonton, Alberta for the hot and cold season.
  • Light Filtering Roller Shades can block out most of the harsh daylight and for more darkness and complete privacy, you can consider installing side channels along with these shades. Available from translucent to opaque fabrics and different color and style options that you will adore for a lifetime. You can install these roller window shades in your Brantford, Ontario homes where the average temperature is 13.2 degree celsius. These shades are very easy to install and clean for and give your room a sleek and modern look.
  • Light Filtering Solar Shades reduce the amount of glare and UV rays while filtering sunlight. These shades offer various degrees of opacity levels from 1% to 14% which allows exactly how much light you would like to let through your windows. These solar shades are the perfect choice where sunlight shines directly in. These solar shades are perfect for those areas where the temperature is high such as Kelowna, British Columbia. They are available in a wide range of styles, materials, and an endless range of colors and patterns.
  • Roman window shades are another great choice for light filtering window coverings and gives your room a stunning, modern, and polished look. If you want to enhance the look of your space more, consider layering draperies with these window shades. Roman shades look great on the windows of historical or vintage homes. The city Fredericton, New Brunswick is popular because of their historical architectures, so if you live in a similar neighbourhood, consider choosing these window treatments that will offer both the aesthetic appeal and functionality. you want to block the light completely, add a thermal liner or blackout liner. Choose the mechanism and fabric according to your choice and preferences.
  • Faux wood blinds give your room a look of real wood blinds and they efficiently filter the natural light. These blinds are very durable and don’t warp or crack at any extreme weather as they are moisture and water resistant. Tilt the slats to adjust the privacy and light coming from outside. They are perfect to install in any high humidity areas. So install them to make a statement for your space which will complement your décor as well. These shades are ideal for Vancouver's humid and sultry climate.

At ZebraBlinds, get all these light filtering window treatments at an affordable price that with quality, free samples, and free shipping benefits. If you need any help in customization, always contact our design experts. They ear always ready to help you out!

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