Maxxmar Skylight Cellular Shades

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Shop for custom skylight blinds online. Get a skylight heat blocker with these cellular-patterned shades.
Maxxmar BetterFit Cordless Cellular Shades
Maxxmar BetterFit Cordless Cellular Shades

Customize a tailored fit skylight blinds with these Maxxmar Skylight Cellular Shades. These custom skylight shades have a fully enclosed lightweight frame that borders the fabric on all four sides.

Maxxmar Skylight Cellular Shades Product Detail

Maxxmar Skylight Cellular Shades

These custom skylight blinds are the best solution for your skylight windows that are a gateway for direct natural light that causes heat into your space. This skylight heat blocker has a honeycomb pattern that acts as a thick barrier to keep outdoor temperatures out. Its insulating properties not only preserve indoor temperatures, but also save energy costs. Have a cool summer and a warm winter indoors with these skylight cellular shades by Maxxmar. Block the heat and glare from the ceiling all year round. A selection of 3/8" pleated fabrics with an assortment of colours is made available to choose from. Get the ultimate comfort and dress your roof windows in your living space with light filtering skylight blinds.

How much light control can I get with Maxxmar Skylight Cellular Shades?

If you need light filtering skylight shades that do not completely block out the sun, then these skylight blinds are the perfect product for you. With different fabric types like sheer, light filtering, and room darkening, you will definitely find the right match for the skylight windows in your media rooms, living rooms, bathroom or bedrooms. Get a soft glow from incoming light with sheer and light filtering fabrics and block out more light with room darkening ones. Window coverings such as these may be opened or closed partially depending on the light control you need. The operation of hard-to-reach skylight shades may require a telescopic pole that is an available add-on with heights ranging from 4 to 16 feet.

How to Install Skylight Blinds

The installation of the Maxxmar Skylight Cellular Shades requires screwing in the headrail onto the inside frame or to the wall surrounding the skylight- depending on preference. You would then screw in the rest of the frame around the window. These skylight blinds can be mounted horizontally flat, slated on an angle, or vertically such as a standard window. Please note that skylight shades are to be operated with the fabrics going from the top to bottom only. Installation of these skylight shades that would let the fabrics move from left to right or right to left will void the warranty as this can easily damage the shades.


- Has a single-cell honeycomb pattern to preserve indoor temperatures.
- Can operate on a slope in any orientation.
- 3/8" pleat size.
- Fully framed in all four sides.

How to Measure

Measuring this product is a quick and easy process, just follow the instructions and you will be on your way to saving money and having great windows.

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How to Install

Installing this product is a painless and simple process. You are mere steps away from making your windows look absolutely gorgeous; so get cracking and make it happen.

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Cleaning Methods

This product can be safely cleaned by:
Soil removal and spot cleaning
Water Immersible

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Five year limited manufacturer warranty

This product is warranted against original defects in materials or workmanship as long as the original purchaser owns the product. The warranty is offered by the manufacturer of these shades.

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Product Specifications
Option Standard
Min Width Max Width Min Height Max Height
Skylight Standard 12" 55" 12" 96"
Skylight TDBU 12" 55" 12" 96"
Available Options

- Skylight Standard

- Skylight TDBU

- Telescopic pole

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