Sheer Horizontal Shades

Motorized Sheer Horizontal Shades

Sheer Horizontal Shades are well known for their unique design and ultimate light control features. With all new cutting edge motorization, these motorized shades have become the ultimate choice for homeowners across Canada due to their unmatched light controlling features and ease of operation.  Horizontal flat sheer shades are made of double vanes with two alternating thin layers light-filtering & blackout material on top of them. With these shades you can get dual benefits of filtering light and room darkening in a single shade by adjusting the transparent and opaque areas of the shades. We have three 3 supreme quality handpicked motorized shades that include Motorized Zebra Shades, Motorized Graber Mezzanine layered shades & Graber Overture Shades which almost have same functionality but different design approach.

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