Natural Woven Wood Shades

Natural Color Wooden Shades

When you love enjoying natural beauty inside your home, natural color wooden shades are one of the best choices to go for. Going for a natural color with the natural shades will create an eco-friendly ambiance which you will love for a long time. These natural color wooden shades ensure that they are not harmful for your dear ones as they are made of non-toxic materials. And the natural color will create a soothing and pleasant appearance throughout your space so that you can live comfortably and peacefully inside your home. During the summer season, this bright color will create a relaxing and calm ambiance, while creating a feeling of safety and security.

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Unique Features of Natural Color Wooden Shades 

  • Natural color wooden shades gently diffuse the harsh daylight and heat coming through your windows. Improve the level of privacy by adding a privacy or blackout liner with these window shades.
  • Energy-efficient custom natural shades reduce your energy bills by preventing the excess heat which makes you feel uncomfortable or uneasy.
  • These uniquely designed window treatments can be motorized for convenient and smooth control. Use a remote button or your smartphone to access them from anywhere in your room. Google Home and Alexa voice-controlled assistants are also there for hands-free control.
  • A cordless mechanism is another great choice to keep your little ones safe from the hazard of window cords. Raise and lower the cordless natural shades by pulling down or pulling up on the bottom rail.
  • Layer these  natural window treatments with other window coverings that will boost their beauty and functionality even more.
  • Natural color woven shades require regular dusting or vacuuming to stay dust and dirt free.
  • Because of their lightweight nature, they are very easy to install and maintain.
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