Oversized Blinds

Oversized Window Blinds and Shades

Do you have oversized windows that are hard to cover? Dress those windows properly to get the benefits of light control, privacy, glare, and block harmful UV rays that can cause damage to your home or furnishings. Proper oversized window blinds and shades can brighten up your room while providing a stunning aesthetic look. Dress your large windows and make them the focal point of your space. Oversized windows can refer to various windows such as – big, tall, or wide windows. Just because you have these types of windows that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style or function. So what are the proper ways to decorate those oversized windows? Well, to get an eye-catching modern appearance, you can consider the below oversized window blinds and shades.

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Best Oversized Window Blinds and Shades to Upgrade Your Home Décor

Window Shades for Big Windows

Big windows means more height and more width than any standard window. Many homeowners think that covering them can be a tricky and challenging task as they require some lightweight window coverings. Heavy window treatments are difficult to operate on this type of windows. Our recommendation is to choose cellular vertical shades as they are lightweight and easily operable in any type of window. They consist of air pockets which trap the air to provide better insulation. This helps your space to keep cool and comfortable while reducing energy costs. These shades are available in different light and fabric options and are customizable to fit any size of windows. You can opt for roller shades as well which are also lightweight window treatments. Both these shades are perfect for any Canadian home for extreme hot or cold weather.

Light Treatments for Large Windows

To operate the large windows smoothly and easily, it’s always best to go with the cordless or motorized features so that you can access them using a remote button or a smartphone, or with your voice commands. Choosing this feature makes your home safer for toddlers. Whether you are on a budget or looking for a certain style, we always have the best solutions for your large windows. You can go with energy efficient or eco-friendly window treatments that will give your rooms an incredible look while providing the benefits you require for your beautiful space. Shutters or curtains can be a unique choice to upgrade the look of your room. Our best recommendation is to choose solar shades that will improve your mood while balancing flexibility and adaptability. With various opacity levels, you can enjoy the outside view through the large windows. Customize your light blinds for the large windows according to your room style and preference. Solar shades are perfect for Kelowna, British Columbia where you will find more than 10 days a year when the temperature reaches at least 30 °C. So install them to create a fresh and cold atmosphere throughout the year.

Wide Window Blinds

Wide windows refer to patio doors or sliding glass doors which require some lightweight window treatments that will offer the benefits of light control, heat control, glare, and UV Protection. There are so many options to choose for that will look great on those windows. The best oversized window treatments are vertical blinds or sliding panel tracks. Both are made of lighter materials which help them to operate easily and effortlessly. Vertical blinds are for those who are on a budget. Open the slats to allow natural light to enter your home and close the slats to get privacy while preventing the excess sunlight. If you want a modern sleek look, then sliding panel tracks are the best choice. These products move from side to side, making them perfect for sliding doors and allowing them to clear your window fully when open. Customize these window coverings to enjoy their benefits throughout the year and order these wide window blinds Online at the cheapest price.

If you need any help to find out the best oversized window blinds and shades then contact our design experts. They are always ready to assist you. Get free samples of oversized window blinds for your convenience and order now to get them at an affordable price!

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