Red Pleated Shades

Red Pleated Window Shades

Pleated window shades provide an attractive, elegant, and contemporary touch to your windows. These shades come in a wide variety of bright and alluring colors to match your existing décor style. But red pleated window shades are stylish and offer your space with a polished and stunning look that you will appreciate for a long time. When you install these  Graber pleated window shades in your home office, they will help your employees to be more energetic, productive, and motivated all the time. And when you install them in your bedroom or living room, the red color will bring passion and draws people together. Pleated shades can easily create a mood and an atmosphere to brightenup your space for your friends and family members.

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Benefits of Red Pleated Window Shades

  • These window shades are responsible for blocking out excess light or heat while creating protection against harmful UV rays and glare. Light filtering, room darkening, and blackout fabric options are available.  Light filtering pleated shades gently allow some daylight with minimal privacy while room darkening fabrics block most of the sunlight and provide moderate privacy. To enhance the level of privacy and darkness, consider adding privacy or blackout liner with these shades.
  • Boost up the beauty of your home more by layering your pleated shades with other window coverings.
  • These versatile pleated shades are available in the top down bottom up lift mechanism option so that you can open the shade from either the bottom or the top and enjoy both the privacy and natural light at the same time.
  • If you wish to open and close your window shades on a regular basis, then pleated window shades are the ideal choice as they are lightweight and cost-effective as well. 
  • Cordless pleated shades don’t create have any window cords, so they are safe for your little ones as they do not have any risk of strangulation.
  • Smart z-wave pleated shades can be operated using a remote button, or your smartphone, or through your voice commands. Make sure that your window shades are compatible with your smart home automation hubs. This lift option helps to increase the resale value of your home while keeping your home safe from the outsiders.

Pleated window shades are perfect for installing in large or wide windows. No matter whether you are looking for a classic or modern interior style, they will look great on your windows. Free samples are available to see the product for yourself. Free shipping available in Canada. 

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