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Best Room Darkening Window Treatments

If you are looking for window treatments to help darken your room, then room darkening window coverings are the perfect choices. With room darkening fabrics, not all light through the fabric will be blocked. They are designed to darken more than light filtering fabrics, but still let some light through. If you want to block more light, consider going for blackout fabrics or installing side channels. Almost all of our custom made window treatments are available in room darkening features and are perfect for your living room or bedroom. Room darkening window shades are perfect to control the light, glare, maximize privacy, and protect your room from the harmful UV rays. They reduce the amount of heat to create a comfortable atmosphere.

What are the best room darkening window coverings to choose from? How do they work? What are the benefits? ZebraBlinds is here to answer all your questions!

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What are the Best Room Darkening Window Coverings?

Anywhere in your home where you want to control the light and privacy, is anywhere you can install these window treatments. You can install these room darkening blinds and shades for the bedroom to have a perfect good night's sleep, or in your media rooms where you need darkness to enjoy your TV shows.

Room Darkening Sheer Shades 

When you open the vanes of this shade, they will allow natural light along with beautiful outside view but when closed, you can enjoy increased darkness and privacy. These room darkening sheer shades cut down the light coming through your windows, but they are not designed to block the light completely. They are available in a variety of color and texture choices to beautify your home instantly. These sheer shades are ideal for the Ottawa, Ontario summer season.

Room Darkening Roman Shades

Roman shades are a popular choice for many homeowners as they are versatile, flexible, and provide your room with elegance. With the room darkening features, you can block out most of the light to have darkness and privacy. If you want to enhance the look of your space more and at the same time dark also, then consider layering drapery over these room darkening roman shades. They are perfect to install in any Canadian royal home because of their elegant and modern look. And because of their functionality, these shades become the popular choice in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island where the summers are mild.

Room Darkening Cellular Shades 

If you are looking for insulation while having darkness inside your room then room darkening cellular shades are the perfect choice to go for. These shades are responsible for heat gain and heat loss during the summer and winter month. You can save money on the energy bills with these shades as they balance the temperature with the outside, making your home comfortable atmosphere for everyone. Customize the product according to your existing decor style and you can choose the lift option (cordless or motorized) as per your convenience. These shades are perfect for Toronto, Ontario where the summer is extremely hot and winter is freezing.

ZebraBlinds offers you a wide selection of best room darkening window coverings to choose from. Order our free samples to see how they mix and match your room's style and decor. All of our products are available at the cheapest prices as we offer a great discount for our customers. Contact us for more information!

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