Rooms : Unique Window Treatments

Custom window treatments are an easy and affordable way to give your room an extraordinary stunning look. These window coverings are responsible for blocking out the excess light, heat, unwanted UV rays, and glare coming through your windows. They help to enhance the overall appearance of your space while maintaining functionality. There is an array of window treatments available with various colors, textures, and fabric options, which can be the finishing touch for a room.

ZebraBlinds offers you a wide selection of modern window treatments ideas which include shades, blinds, draperies, shutters, and even cordless and motorized options for hassle-free control. With all these products, you can create a modern to classic, contemporary, romantic, vintage, or alluring look for each and every room of your home. Whether you are on a budget or looking for a better light control and privacy, or safety for your family, we can help you to find out the best custom window covering for any space.

Bathroom window coverings

When it comes to the bathroom, privacy is a major thing to consider. As these are referred to high humidity areas, you will require natural light as well. Consider installing water and moisture resistant window treatments because they won’t warp or crack from the heat or moisture in your bathroom. Custom faux wood blinds are one of the popular choices to decorate your bathroom windows due to their durability, versatility, and easy maintenance.

Best Blinds and Shades for Bedroom

A bedroom is a place where you want privacy and total darkness after a long hectic day so that you can enjoy a perfect good night's sleep. Perfect bedroom window coverings can create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere without investing a lot of money. Blackout and room darkening window coverings are the perfect choice that can meet your needs and fullfil the design of your bedroom. For example, you can think of Cordless Day Night Cellular Shades for your beautiful bedroom which can create an incredible astonishing look while providing the perfect environment for your nap time.

Dining Room Window Coverings

Dining rooms are the best place to enjoy your meal with your dear ones. So you should always cover them with best window treatment which should be both stylish and functional. Dining room window coverings include roman shades, window draperies, shutters, etc. Opt for the cordless and motorized feature which ensures safety for the home with kids and pets.

Kitchen Sink Window Treatment Ideas

Everyone loves to have a delightful window for their kitchen space as we spend a lot of time cooking. Most of the time, windows will be placed over the sink so you need to cover them with moisture or water resistant coverings which should be durable and can bring warmth as well. Choose from a wide assortment of colors, textures, and style options that will complement your kitchen decor. Consider installing Norman plantation shutters because of their durability and flexibility

Living Room Window Treatments

If you want to give your guests a warm welcome, then consider decorating your living room properly. So choose the perfect window treatments to create a warming and inviting environment for friends and family gatherings. Any type of window blinds that will maintain the light, privacy, and heat of your room is ideal, such as vertical window blinds or Graber Mezzanine Layered Sheer Shades. For the safety of your kids and pets, opt for the cordless or motorized feature.

Sunroom Window Treatment Ideas

A sunroom is a perfect place for family gatherings to enjoy natural light and a greater view of the outside. But sometimes, too much light or heat can be irritating for you and that is the reason you should dress them with sunroom shades and blinds. Choose a fabric that will give you the ability to control the level of light, privacy, the degree of transparency, as well as protect your room from heat gain and heat loss. You can go for the cordless or motorized feature for an effortless smooth control. Select any custom blinds and shades online that will make a statement for your sunroom.

French Door Window Treatments

French doors are designed to add sophistication and elegance to your home. They are the best ways to connect with the outside world which allows natural daylight and air while preserving your view. Cover them with the proper window treatments so that you can appreciate their beauty for a long time. Browse our full section to get the right solution for these doors.

Best Patio Sliding Door Window Treatment Ideas

Patio and sliding glass doors are not only a beautiful addition to your home, but they are also responsible f