Crown Sheer Pleated Drapes

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  • Traditional Custom Designed Drapes
  • Sheer panels perfect for layering under heavy drapes
  • Mix of contemporary and classic styles
  • Heavy drapery panels allow for insulation and light control
  • Easy installation and handling 

Crown Sheer Pleated Drapes Product Detail

Pinch Pleated Designer Shades shield the interiors from harsh sun rays and glare, and filter natural light.

  • They provide enough privacy when closed during the day, and custom designed drapes can close up in the night to block the view.
  • You can roll in the different choices of styles and colors and even dress up your windows to seasonal colors.
  • Just pull the shades to the sides to let in the cool breeze and natural light from outside.
  • Variety of pleating options are available – 6 inch for formal elegance while the 3 or 4 inch pleats give a fuller look to the sheers.
  • They come in 7 standard widths that allow their use over practically any window size.
  • Pair them with heavier drapes on double rods for more energy-efficiency.
  • They can be suspended from rods with rod pockets or rings if you’d like to show off a decorative drapery rod.