Sheers Rod Pocket Crown Drapery Panels

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Create calm, soft and understated elegance for your interiors using these Crown Sheers with rod pockets that enable smooth sliding of the sheers onto your drapery rods, creating a chic full look that picks out other fabric elements in a room. These rod-pocket sheers are versatile in use as they elevate the interior appeal of a room while shielding it from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Sheers Rod Pocket Crown Drapery Panels Product Detail

The featured sheers panels are a crepe fabric that blocks the view from outside during the day. They also block the harmful UV rays of the sun, protecting interior elements from fading, and if you’re one for indoor plants, sheers are a unsurpassable option. The versatile ivory shade allows it to be matched with any color and print possible, allowing it to blend with the plain glass and sunlight during the day, and at the same time, reflecting the unforgiving glare of the sun. Sheers can be used on their own for windows not requiring insulation and privacy considerations. They can also be used as part of a window ensemble – when windows are left open, they billow out and portray a classic, airy, romantic appeal that uplifts the aura of a room, even one with no other redeeming features.

These sheers are stitched with 1½–inch rod pockets behind the panel tops for use with a basic 1-1¼-inch rod. You have the option to choose a header for your panels as this looks decorative, the shirred tops peeking above the rod, and also serves to give a fuller effect to the panels. You could match the size of the header to the size of the rod pocket to avoid confusion on sizing. The sheer panels need to be used with a double rod system for ease of movement.

These crepe sheers are available in 7 pre-sized widths to enable use on practically any window size, and to make for a 3:1 fullness, which adds the charm of these sheers.

The optimal method of cleaning is to dry clean these sheers at an interval of your choice. You could also hand vacuum to clean them on a more regular basis.


- single panels/one-way draw to cover window widths up to 96”W
- pair of panels/two-way draw to cover window widths up to 192”W

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