Contest is closed. Final Submissions were due June 30th, 2018. Winners will be contacted soon.

*Certain limitations apply, please go through terms and conditions below.

Prizes are as follows:

Prices for orders in Canada:

  1. First Place: $2000
  2. Second Place: $1000
  3. Third Place: $500

Have some fun showing off your latest installation project and you might just get something for it! Feel free to contact us at 1-877-840-8405 or by email at if you have any questions.

As homeowners, we're constantly thinking about how to improve our home, and how to make it as beautiful and functional, and as comfortable as possible for our friends, families, and for ourselves. Our homes are extensions of our own personalities and lifestyle; they show off who we are and where our interests lie through the way we decorate and organize our home. You might have converted your living room into your own personal home theater, fully equipped with a sound system and giant TV. Maybe you just love to cook, and you have an oversized kitchen decked out with a beautiful stone countertop. Or maybe you've just accepted defeat by your kids and have let them conquer the main floor, complete with kids toys strewn left and right.

When we think about our homes, window treatments are one of the most important components of decor and functionality. Get blackout shades for complete darkness for that authentic movie theater experience. Go for moisture resistant roller or solar shades for easy cleaning in the kitchen, while letting you keep your view while you're cooking and keeping your space bright. Or it can be as simple as going cordless to keep your home hazard-free and your kids safe.

We want you to show off your space that you've improved using ZebraBlinds. Show us your creativity and how you've used ZebraBlinds to turn your room into a space you love. Show your stripes - and enter for a chance to win your entire order for free! Any product purchased from ZebraBlinds is eligible.

Please submit your video here:

  1. Take a video of your purchase from ZebraBlinds and tell us about your ZebraBlinds experience.
    • Show a before and after of your installation
    • Show the installed product and how it operates
    • Keep the video to 3 to 5 minutes, but more is okay if you'd like to go in depth
    • Be creative! Here are some ideas for your video:
    • Do a video review
    • Give us your best interior decor tips and advice when choosing shades
    • Tell us about how you used window treatments to solve an issue in your room
    • Show off your clever motorization tips and automation uses
  2. For video submission please upload it to a storage service of your choice and submit the form located here with a link to download the video: If you are unsure on how to upload your video to a storage service we recommend services such as or . Alternatively you may upload it to your YouTube channel as well and send us the link to the video.
  3. We will announce winners in July! Winners will be chosen based on creativity and quality of the video.
  4. We will select six winners who will have their order refunded up to the amounts listed below.

Terms and Conditions (Feb 1, 2018)


  • In order to be eligible for this Contest, you must read and agree to the following terms and conditions, the YouTube Terms of Service at and the YouTube Community Guidelines at As used in these Official Rules, the term “you” refers to the Entrant.
  • Only orders placed between Feb 1, 2018 and April 30, 2018 are eligible for this contest unless otherwise stated in an update in these terms.
  • Video submissions must be made by an adult (typically 18 years or older) and any entrant considered to be a minor must seek parental permissions first. Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements

  • By submitting an entry to this contest, entrants agree to all terms and conditions specified under Eligibility, Entry Requirements, General Terms and Conditions, and Prizes.
  • Orders are only eligible for this contest if entrants enter the contest by submitting the following form before the final submission date of June 30th, 2018. Videos maybe submitted as a file using a file sharing service such as or or any other file sharing service.
  • Your video must not infringe on any third party rights or contain any names, logos, or seals of any government agency, company, or organization excluding
  • Videos are recommended to be between 3 and 5 minutes. You may go over the time if you have a great idea you want to share and require the additional time.
  • All videos must acknowledge any music used in the video by naming the artist(s) and the song(s) at some point in the video. Music may be used within guidelines of Fair Use. Fair use is any copying of copyrighted material done for a limited and "transformative" purpose such as commentary, criticism, or parody. "Fair" uses do not require permission from the copyright owner.
  • The Entry must NOT contain unsuitable content or depict or incorporate unsafe behavior or situations; obscenity, lewd or inappropriate images, words or text; nudity; acts of violence or acts that appear to cause harm or are illegal/dangerous; disparagement of any person or product; racist innuendo; illegal drug or alcohol use; or other offensive conduct or material, as determined at ZebraBlinds' sole discretion.
  • Video entries must be entirely original to the Entrant and must NOT include any mention or performance of any copyrighted media/material, including but not limited to, music, films, books, television programming, etc., or identifying descriptions of any media property – excluding ZebraBlinds
  • Entry may not include information that can be used to personally identify an individual, such as an address, license plate, phone number or email address. Please understand this is for your own safety. General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

  • By submitting a video to this contest, you grant ZebraBlinds (and as an extension, it's parent company Crown Lifestyles Inc) an irrevocable, royalty-free license to copy, distribute, modify, display and perform publicly, and otherwise use, as well as authorize others to use, your video for any promotional purpose and in any media format. These rights are granted irrespective of whether or not the entrant is a winner.
  • Entrants may submit up to three videos however they will be considered as a single submission. In cases where an entrant submits videos for multiple orders (a submission for each order), if selected as a winner the entrant may choose to apply the refund to only one of their orders.
  • Winner rankings are determined based on creativity and quality irrespective of order value. Therefore order refunds are limited in value to the ranking prize pool or the order value; whichever is lower.
  • Winners of this contest will be listed on the contest page with their First Name, Initial of Last Name and Province.
  • ZebraBlinds will make every attempt to contact the winners via phone or email. Please ensure ZebraBlinds has your up to date contact information. If ZebraBlinds annot contact the winners within a 60 day period of winner selection, ZebraBlinds reserves the right to cancel the refund.
  • Refunds will be issued as a check or bank transfer at the sole discretion of ZebraBlinds. Refunds will be issued before the end of the 2018 Calendar Year.
  • Any terms and conditions listed on this page can be changed without notice. Please check back regularly for updates. Prizes
  • Winners will be selected by the customer service gurus at ZebraBlinds. All videos will be reviewed and voted on by our gurus on July 30th, 2018.

Prizes are as follows:

Prices for orders in Canada:

  1. First Place: $2000
  2. Second Place: $1000
  3. Third Place: $500

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