Smart Motorized Z-Wave Blinds and Shades

Google Home*

Hey Google, set my shade to 25%

Amazon Alexa*

Alexa, set my shade to 75%

Z-wave Remote

Use a remote to Open or Close

Z-wave Hubs

Works with most Z-wave Hubs

SmartThings Hub*

Supported and Works on SmartThings

*Voice control using assistants such as Google Home, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa or Amazon Echo control requires a Samsung SmartThings Hub, Hubitat Elevation Hub or a Graber Gateway/Smart hub. Voice control may work with other hubs however, it is dependent on the hub itself. These shades work with most z-wave hubs such as Samsung's SmartThings, Hubitat Elevation, Homeseer, Vera, Wink, Nexia, Homeassistant with a z-wave module and others.

  • Google Home – Use your voice to operate anything with convenience. Once you set up your Google Home with a compatible smart hub, just say, ‘Hey Google, open the blinds’ or ‘Hey Google, close the blinds’ to operate your shades.
  • Amazon Alexa – Another popular option for voice commands, integrate this assistant with your window coverings and compatible smart hub to operate your shades with your voice. Just say, ‘Hey Alexa, open the shades upstairs’ and you can operate your indicated shades naturally. Using this service in residential or commercial spaces helps save time, and makes your day to day more convenient.
  • Z-wave – These smart shades communicate using Z-wave, allowing them to integrate with Z-wave smart hubs such as SmartThings. Connect to a smarthub to operate the shades using your smartphone from anywhere you have wifi.

Why You Should Have Smart Motorized Z-Wave Blinds and Shades

Unlike regular motorized shades, Smart Home Shades have embedded Z-wave integration between all home automation Z-wave devices. This allows them to communicate with other Z-wave devices, to be controlled with your smart phone, and opens up functionality in many ways.

  • Automate your shades to adjust based on Z-wave motion or heat sensors, or according to time of day, or position of the sun.
  • Z- wave Blinds come with single channel Virtual Cord remote to control shades individually or as a group with a range of 85 feet.
  • Each Z-wave shade extends the signal of your network, increasing the range of your remotes even further.
  • Using the Virtual Cord remote helps control shades in large and hard to reach windows with the touch of a button.
  • The built-in Z-Wave chip connects to automation hubs like Samsung SmartThings, Wink and Vera Plus; you can also raise or lower the shades with a smartphone or voice assistants like Google Home or Amazon Echo. Functionality can vary depending on the type of smart hub.
  • They eliminate the domestic risk of dangling blind cords, making it safe for homes with kids and pets.