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Sunroom Blinds

If you have a sunroom, you want to let the light pour in — especially during Canada's long and dark winters. Finding the right sunroom blinds or window treatments for this room is also crucial. You may be loath to block out any of the sun’s rays during the summer, but sunroom window shades have several important functions:

  • They offer privacy when you need it
  • They can help prevent fading of your furniture and other items in your sunroom
  • They can help you block out excessive sun on a hot day, reducing your air-conditioning bill
  • They can block out glare if you want to read or watch television

Solarium shades can be a bit challenging for a few reasons. Most sunroom windows are tall, meaning it can be difficult to reach draperies or blinds to open and close them. In addition, your room may have floor to wall windows or even skylights, making traditional curtains or blinds difficult

Making the Most of Your Sunroom offers a number of sunroom shades and window treatments that can help. We have options for skylights, ensuring you have maximum control over the sun in your sunroom, and in every room of your house.

One great option for sunrooms is shades or blinds that are motorized and cordless. Not only do cordless, motorized shades and blinds give you a sleeker look, but they take up very little space, leaving more room for you and your family. In addition, motorized shades make it easy to open and close your windows. If you are surfing the Internet on a warm day and are bothered by the glare, a press of a button can open or close the blinds to your desired height, ensuring you don't have to fiddle with blinds or shades to stay comfortable. Truly, a four season sunroom requires durable window treatments that are great for any weather. With these solarium shades, you are sure to enjoy your sunroom during any season.

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