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Temperature Control Blinds and Shades

To maintain a cool and comfortable atmosphere throughout the year, you should always protect your room temperature from the outside environment. Many homeowners often decorate their windows for beauty rather than function. But the right temperature control blinds and shades might actually help to lower your energy bills. No matter what temperature you are dealing with, we can give you the right solution that will meet your needs while saving money. So what are the best window treatments to deal with during the summer and winter months? How do they work? So many questions can arise in your mind. That is the reason we are here to resolve all your questions while guiding you with the best thermal window shades!

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Top-Notch Thermal Insulated Blinds and Shades

  • When the climate is too hot, go for horizontal or vertical window blinds to keep your space cool. The slats can be easily adjusted to control light and air. Even drapes are also useful to insulate your home from solar heat gain during the summer month and heat loss during the month of winter. These window blinds are perfect to match any Canadian climate.
  • Insulated cellular shades are another great option to control the temperature. The air pockets inside the shades are responsible to trap the air coming from outside or going out from the inside. In this way, you can balance the temperature in your home and save on your electricity bills. Double cell fabrics are more effective than single cell fabrics as they consist of an extra layer of insulation. To create a balanced temperature, these shades are perfect for Abbotsford, British Columbia where the average highest temperature is 15.1°C and the lowest temperature is 5.8°C.
  • Plantation shutters and curtains can also be good insulators when they are completely closed. They can also be managed to block out the direct daylight. Perfect to install in cities like Saguenay, Quebec so that you can protect your interior from hot and cold waves.
  • Blackout window shades are very effective in blocking out the heat while keeping your room cooler. They are very popular on the list of temperature control blinds and shades. Almost all of our custom window coverings are available in blackout features. So choose the right one that will fit your room and meet all the function.
  • Many people love to install roman shades because of their aesthetic appeal but they also act as best insulators. When you want more insulation, you can consider layering drapery over them. These shades are perfect for Fredericton, New Brunswick where the temperature is hot during summer season and with plenty of snowfall during the winters.
  • When you have a patio or outdoor space, there also you should maintain the temperature so that everyone can spend their quality time comfortably. In that case, you can consider exterior solar shades which will cut out the heat and block out the excess harsh light coming from outside.

Always try to choose window treatments whose R-value (resistance of windows to heat conduction) is greater.. Cellular shades have the highest R-value, i.e. 3.25 – 5.

Approximate R-values of other window coverings: 

  • Window roman shades - 2.5-7.0
  • Window shutters - 3.4
  • Vertical window blinds - 3
  • Aluminum Venetian blinds - 2.8
  • Horizontal blinds – 2.5

Window treatments are a one-time investment. So before you make any decisions, you can order our free samples so that you can try before you buy. Get these thermal insulated blinds and shades at an affordable price with free shipping. If you have any questions about which temperature control blinds and shades will work best for your home, contact us today!

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