Top Down Bottom Up

Top Down Bottom Up Blinds and Shades

NOTICE: Due to new Canadian Window Covering Regulations, corded window treatments, including top down bottom up shades, will no longer be available for sale for the foreseeable future. For more information on how this regulation affects the sale of these shades and our products, please refer to our blog post here.

The top down bottom up blinds boast its flexibility with light control capabilities as they can be opened from the top and bottom. This allows users to allow light in from the top of the window while maintaining privacy at the bottom part, and vice versa. This top down bottom up feature is typically available for cellular honeycomb shades, woven wood shades, pleated shades, and roman shades. These window coverings are made available with a cord loop or as cordless shades. However, since the cords that hold up the middle rails are exposed when the shades are opened from the top, these shades become non compliant to the new Canadian Window Covering Regulations.

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