Tips to Keep Your Family Safe isn’t just a leader in customized, discount quality blinds, windows, shutters and other window treatments. We’re a Canadian company that cares about child safety. Many homeowners don't think about safety when it comes to window treatments, but window coverings can actually pose a serious threat for young children and pets.

Luckily, offers a selection of child-proof blinds. Browse our selection today to find blinds and window treatments that are safe for your entire family. Since we are committed to child safety, we would also like to offer these additional safety tips for you and your family:

Choose Cordless Systems for Blinds Where Possible

Many experts agree that the most kid-safe window blinds available in Canada and most countries are the cordless models. Cordless child-safe blinds simply don't have cords to pose a strangulation risk. In the past, cordless models were expensive but thanks to, these models are less expensive than ever before. If you choose not to use cordless blinds for your entire home, at least make sure any areas where children sleep have cordless blinds. For the rest of the home, you have a few options:

  • Choose curtains without sashes or long thin pieces that can pose a strangulation risk.
  • Use continuous loop cords or other cords that don't leave dangling pieces of string in place.
  • Go with short tasseled pull cords and cord stops.
  • Consider Roman shades with clips rather than cords. When you’re selecting the safest window treatments for your children, always choose treatments that don't have long cords.

Replace Older Blinds

Blinds that were manufactured before 2001 don't meet current Canadian safety standards for child safety. If you cannot replace them, look for retrofit kits, which allow you to repair your window treatments to make them safer.

Look for Brands that take Child Safety Seriously

Some brands are fully committed to child safety and offer additional features to prevent accidents. For example, Graber offers tension pulls on continuous-loop pull cords and a variety of cordless and motorized lift solutions for blinds.

Keep Beds and Furniture Away from Windows

By moving your beds away from windows, you’ll not only prevent falls from windows, but you can also prevent children from climbing onto window treatments and pulling cords.

If you’re ready to make your home safer, browse our selection of child-safe cordless blinds and other safe window treatments at We offer discount prices, free shipping and a price guarantee, making safe options more affordable for all Canadian families.

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