Maxxmar Cordless Cellular Shades

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Cellular Shades have dominated the window treatment market due to their unique features and versatility. Known for their insulating properties, the honeycomb design of these shades helps to trap air inside them which acts as a buffer between the windows and the rooms. During the cold winter months when the heater is warming up the air inside the room, these cellular shades prevent this warm air from escaping the house. This helps to ease the pressure on the heaters and improves the energy efficiency of the rooms. Similarly, they help keep your cool air from your air conditioner inside the home during the summer.

Maxxmar Cordless Cellular Shades Product Detail

The cordless control makes them a child and pet friendly option for homes with toddlers or small pets. Absence of cords means there will be no fear of strangulation when you are not around. The cordless control is operated by moving the shade up or down by hand.


- Cellular shades are famous for their insulating properties.
- These shades can be inside mount or outside mount depending upon your need.
- Outside mount cellular shades will offer better window coverage and prevent air from escaping from the edges of the windows where inside mounts have small gaps on the sides.
- Cellular shades can be customized for arches, circles and other speciality shaped windows. Please contact our customer service for more information.
- You can choose from a range of fabric colors that will allow the shade to blend with your room decor.
- These shades are easy to install and maintain.

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