Zebra Sheer Shades

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  • Zebra Sheer Shades are commonly called Zebra Roller Blinds
  • Made from high-quality polyester
  • Stylish well-coordinated stripes for a clean look
  • Hassle-free operation
  • Upgrade option available with fabric inserted valance

Zebra Sheer Shades Product Detail

Zebra Sheer Shades - Product Description

Zebra Sheer Shades bring your home an alluring look with their range of features and fabrics. Their unique style of alternating stripes of sheer and solid color vanes allows for increased flexibility in light control, privacy, and aesthetics.

  • Get diffused illumination with the light filtering or room darkening bands and with two layers of fabric.
  • Offers greater light control with an alternative pattern of 2 3/4" to 4 3/8" partially opaque vanes and 2” to 2 3/4" woven sheer vanes of fabric.
  • Color choices - with a number of great selections ranging from beige, gray, and ivory to natural and chocolate, customize a unique look for your interior decor.
  • Horizontal Sheer Shades also function as large window treatment solutions as they are available in up to 94" in width and bring grace and style to your home windows.
  • When the sheer vanes are exposed, enjoy the diffused light and natural air, and with the vanes overlapped, the light gently fades away leaving behind a comfortable ambiance.
  • Managing these Zebra Sheer Shades is very easy: the openness is adjusted as these shades are raised or lowered.

With a Limited Lifetime Warranty from the manufacturers, bring home highly attractive and functional Sheer Shades Online, only at ZebraBlinds.

The size of the solid and sheer vanes varies depending on the fabric chosen. The sizes are as follows:

  • Madera Ivory - 3 7/8" Solid Vane, 2 3/4" Sheer Vane
  • Madera Chocolate - 4" Solid Vane, 2 5/8" Sheer Vane
  • Rolex Grey - 2 7/8" Solid Vane, 2" Sheer Vane
  • RD/BO fabrics - 4 3/8" Solid Vane, 2 5/8" Sheer Vane
  • Regular Light Filtering fabrics (Beige, Gray, Ivory, Natural, Black, Chocolate) - 2 15/16" Solid Vane, 2" Sheer Vane


  • Zebra incorporates dual layers of alternating 2 3/4" to 4 3/8" semi-opaque and 2" to 2 3/4" sheer woven fabric vanes.
  • Zebra Sheer Shades are available to widths and heights of 94" to provide visual elegance to wide windows and doors.
  • Striped fabric across two layers creates an open/close effect, to control light and privacy
  • Offered as Light Filtering or Room Darkening
  • 4 Room Darkening colors available
  • 10 light filtering colors available
  • Continuous cord control or cordless control available
  • Aluminum head rail and bottom bar come in Vanilla color for Standard Cassette with Continuous Cord Loop
  • Easy to install - all hardware included

How to Measure

Measuring this product is a quick and easy process, just follow the instructions and you will be on your way to saving money and having great windows.

If you are ordering shades for side by side installation please put a note that the shades are going to be installed side by side. This will help factory align the stripes, however, shades with a combined width of 98" or more cannot be aligned. Alignment can only be guaranteed on up to 2 shades at a time.

For measuring instructions click here

How to Install

Installing this product is a painless and simple process. You are mere steps away from making your windows look absolutely gorgeous; so get cracking and make it happen.

For installation instructions click here

Cleaning Methods

This product can be safely cleaned by:
Soil removal and spot cleaning

For more information click here

5 year limited manufacturer warranty

This product is warranted against original defects in materials or workmanship as long as the original purchaser owns the product. The warranties if offered by the Crown the manufacturer for full details please go to the below link.

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Product knowledgebase

Product Specifications
Min WidthMax WidthMin HeightMax Height
Continuous Loop 12" 94" 12" 94"
Cordless 18" 72" 18" 72"

Mounting Depth Requirements
OptionHeadrail Dimension
(Depth x Height)
Inside MountInside Flush MountOutside Mount
Continuous Loop 3" x 2 5/8" 1 3/4"

Approximate deductions for crown zebra sheer shades - Inside mount – 1/4 inch, Outside mount – no deduction. Since all crown shades are custom/handmade there could be a tolerance of measurement (+/-) 1/8th inch.

Available Options

- Continuous Loop Beaded Chain Lift (Standard)
- Cordless
- Valance Options: Standard Cassette Valance (3" D X 3" H) (Comes in Vanilla Color only)
- Fabric Wrapped Cassette Valance colours listed below (3 ½”D x 3”H)

Natural Vanilla Ivory Vanilla
Ivory Vanilla or White Ivory Vanilla
Orange Vanilla Ivory Vanilla
Beige Vanilla Ivory Vanilla
Gray Silver/Gray Silver/Gray Silver/Gray
Chocolate Bronze Bronze Bronze
Black Black Ivory Vanilla
RD/BO White/Gray White White White
RD/BO Brown Bronze Bronze Bronze
RD/BO Light Brown Bronze Bronze Bronze
RD/BO Coffee Vanilla Ivory Vanilla
Madera Ivory Ivory Ivory Ivory
Madera Chocolate Bronze Bronze Bronze
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