ZebraBlinds Universal Light Blocker

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Install universal light blocker to prevent the light leakage from the side of the window frame. Easy to install and maintain.
ZebraBlinds Universal Light Blocker
ZebraBlinds Universal Light Blocker ZebraBlinds Universal light Gap Blocker for Blinds and Shades

Are you looking for something that will keep the outside light from leaking into the room? Our Universal Light Blockers are used to block the gaps on the sides of the window where light leaks normally through on an inside mount. They can be easily trimmed to fit your window frame. They are easy to install, and after proper installation, you can get the perfect shades and blinds without worrying about light leakage. These universal light blockers are uniquely designed and work well with every window shading. They are available in a classic white color.

ZebraBlinds Universal Light Blocker Product Detail

How to Install the Universal Light Blocker

Proper measuring and installation is important to help you enjoy all the advantages of these universal light blockers.

  • Before you jump into the installation process, note down the measurements first. Measure the height of the window frame from the bottom to the top of the frame. The universal light blockers come at preset increments, so order at a size larger than your measured height so that you can cut it down to size. Note that the light blockers have a height tolerance of about 1/8 - 1/4" from the ordered height.
  • Now, measure the gap between the window frame and your window treatment fabric. The light blockers are designed to cover a maximum gap of 1 1/2" in width.
  • Cut down the base using your height measurements. Using the gap measurement, trim the extension. Make sure to have the extension slightly larger so it overlaps your window treatment.
  • Mark the places where you can line up your base in a straight line. For best light control you should install the blocker in front of the shade fabric, as close to the fabric as possible without disrupting its movement. Now, peel off the double-sided adhesive from the light blocker piece and place it on the marking lines, and press onto the window frame to make sure the proper fit. Then place the extension to the base.

And you are ready to go. Lower your shades and enjoy their beauty and improved light control. Contact our team if you have any questions. Install these light blockers today and see the difference.

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